Parking Management System

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Along with iBEMS, for parking management, IOTomation offers quick, easy and secure vehicle access management at the gates. The system can automatically authorize the access at the gates using RFID technology and opens the boom barrier only for the vehicles authorized to enter. The parking management solution is integrated with iBEMS and can be implemented in both old and new constructed building.

In multi-tenanted buildings, the parking management system can be effectively used to allow only the fixed number of vehicles defined as per the parking capacity. The parking entry can also be allowed exclusively for the tenants or the specific individuals authorized by the tenant.

The parking system also displays occupied and available parking slots of each tenant, at the time of entry and exit of each vehicle, in the integrated LED display at the gates.

IOTomation offers parking management system as an add-on system with iBEMS and not as a stand alone service.


Key features of our parking management system are:

  • Gate automatically opens for a valid RFID tags only
  • Unmanned 24 hour operation
  • Complete entry/exit history available for billing
  • Customized tags may be permitted to pass through a specific gate or at specific times
  • Enhanced security by limiting access to restricted areas
  • Limit access to only authorized personnel
  • RFID equipped barriers to provide access control
  • Tracks entry & exit time of vehicles
  • Readers, LED display and controller connect through IP network
  • Antennae – includes name, reader association, port number and direction (in or out)
  • Audio visual indication for valid and invalid tag
  • Moving LED display to indicate Tag events
  • Customized reporting through software

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