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New Age intelligent Fire Monitoring System

With iBEMS, you can also achieve fire monitoring and detection to mitigate losses due to any fire crisis.  

IOTomation’s fire monitoring sytem, iFMS, an add-on module of iBEMS, can be quickly and easily integrated with iBEMS. iFMS has a capacity to monitor large numbers of building alarms and centralising them at iCOMMAND, our control centre. 

iFMS provides instant knowledge of fire alarms, allows alerts to authorities as well as provides specific information regarding location, type and extent of alarms.

IOTomation offers design, installation, and monitoring of fire monitoring system. We also identify risks and specific environmental factors to ensure that you get the right fire monitoring solution as per your building requirement. In addition, we can provide expert implementation services and backup your installed system and monitor it through iCOMMAND centre.

Key features of our iFMS are:

  • Reports, historical alarms, trouble and supervisory logs
  • Control all the connected devices
  • Notification systems to deliver critical messages to designated groups of people via emails, text messages, on-screen computer pop-up displays, or other messaging platforms


  • It provides instant information about fire alarms with exact location, type and extent of alarm
  • Reduces overall costs of fire damage and loss

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