iotosafe building module
03 Jul, 2020
Does your building have pandemic control mode?
Business around the world are strategizing how they can return to normalcy post lockdown. In order to come back stronger, companies will need to reimagine their business operation as their return to full speed.

19 Feb, 2020
Machine can manage your building! How?
Yes, a building can be well managed by the teams of humans and machines combined. Many industry experts still think that if IoT technology powered BMS is the replacement of facility management team.

27 Dec, 2018
Energy Consumption in Buildings
The energy consumption in Indian buildings is continuously rising due to economic and human development. This rising energy demand can be reduced through energy efficient building strategies.

Evolution of Smart Buildings
18 Dec, 2018
Evolution of Smart Buildings
Smart building is the most exciting innovation these days. The key feature of a smart building is its ability to evolve intelligently. Making a smart building begins by linking the core systems such as power meters...

How to save energy of your building
28 Nov, 2018
How to save energy of your building ?
The energy efficient building reduces the maintenance and utility cost and improves durability, lessens noise, increases comfort and creates a healthy and safe indoor environment.
19 Nov, 2018
Emerging IoT Technology in India
IoT technology is increasing day by day in India as we are becoming dependent on the technology over the last few years. We have internet-enabled devices all around us like in our cars, homes, equipment's...