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New Age intelligent Tenant Billing System

IOTomation also offers tenant billing system as an add on service with iBEMS. IOTomation’s prepaid and postpaid billing solution provides a flexible, inexpensive and centralized system for effective metering of tenant meters and prepaid billing of electricity and other utility charges through a user friendly, accurate and reliable system. iTBS helps tenant’s plan and budget their electricity expenses and achieve reduction in energy consumption.

Our scalable and flexible solution can be installed with the existing or normal meters and save huge cost by eliminating the need for expensive prepaid meters.


Key features of our iTBS are:

  • Can be implemented using existing/normal commercially available meters
  • Can be utilized effectively to prevent power theft, timely electricity bill payments, etc.
  • Centralized billing system
  • No pending bills
  • Cost of manpower for billing/ collection is reduced
  • No manual meter reading required
  • Accurate billing system
  • Periodic disconnection alerts
  • Load control management
  • Daily/monthly report


Benefits to customer:

  • Pay-as-you-go system - It will allow customers to use electricity as and when is required
  • Display of remaining credit – The prepaid meters has the provision to display the actual remaining credit in money value as well as the total kWh consumption
  • Helps to become energy conscious – A large percentage of the consumers are often not conscious about electricity wastages and the system provides consumption reports to minimize wastages thereby optimizing the energy sources and reducing impact to the environment

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