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    Get ready to make your Building Intelligent!
    iBEMS - New Age intelligent Building and Energy Management Solution
    Reduce your Expenses
    Optimize your Energy Resources
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    iBEMS - New Age Intelligent Building & Energy
    Management Solution
    Upto 30%* Reduction in your Energy Bills
    Upto 25%* Reduction in Operational Costs
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    PaYu – Subscription Payment Plan
    An easy and risk-free subscription payment model
    Zero Upfront Payment
    Quarterly Payment Scheme
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    iCOMMAND - Network Operations Centre
    Monitor & control your facilities operations & energy
    95%* Uptime Assurance
    Reliable and Responsive Support System
  • NA iDDC – Smart Controllers
    iDDC – Smart Controllers
    IoT Enabled Smart Controllers
    UL Certified Controllers

IOTomation is born in this new age of “IoT”, wherein open protocols, cloud computing, analytics and intelligence have been designed and integrated into the core of our products and services.

IOTomation designs and develops innovative and intelligent building management solutions that not only reduces the costs of energy, commissioning and maintenance but at the same time also enables safer, efficient, reliable and more productive world.

Our scalable range of fully integrated intelligent building management system manages risk factors while delivering world class operating and energy efficiency.

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IoT Solutions

The market is rapidly changing with need for higher occupant comfort, transparency in maintenance charges, new & innovative services, and energy efficiency. IOTomation’s IoT based solutions are just right for them.


iBEMS is an IoT-based building management solution which integrates all the electro-mechanical systems of a building in a centralized platform. It optimizes energy usage, improves productivity and increases energy efficiency.

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iCOMMAND or intelligent command centre provides central monitoring, control and management of all the integrated equipment of a building on a single centralized platform. It provides remote access & control of all the distributed assets.

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iDDC or intelligent direct digital controller has highly configurable and responsive control capability which makes it ideal for a broad range of control environments. It's easy to install & can be integrated with any IP-based software module.

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Building Types

IOTomation’s intelligent building and management solution is scalable and can be integrated in different building types


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Commercial Buildings

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03 Jul, 2020
Does your building have pandemic control mode?
Business around the world are strategizing how they can return to normalcy post lockdown. In order to come back stronger, companies will need to reimagine their business operation as their return to full speed.

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