Access Control System

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IOTomation offers access management system, easily integrated with iBEMS, that provides the distributed intelligence for the access control system and ensure total reliability and security.

It has relay contacts for door locks, alarms, exit buttons and door sensors. Our solutions range from single door stand alone system to a multi door access system or fully-featured integrated solutions for controlling access to multiple facilities with complex requirements.

Enrollment & Management System Application: This is used to register individuals (template can be on reader/card), and manage a group of terminals connected to a network (i.e. downloading databases and configuring a terminal remotely). It can also be used independently of these facilities to provide a simple access control system. 


Key features of our access control system are:

  • Easy installation, safe and reliable
  • Track, record and deter access throughout your organizations
  • Restrict access to sensitive area
  • Simple and convenient operation method
  • 13.56MHz contactless Smart Card
  • Support ISO1443-A MIFARE
  • Built in Serial (RS-485)
  • Read Card and/or Pins
  • Full door lock control system
  • Generate reports
  • GUI based user friendly applications

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