Commercial Buildings and Offices

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iBEMS : Building and Energy Management Solution for Commercial Buildings and Offices 

iBEMS in buildings and offices helps to control the energy, environment and collect data to optimize the performance. It brings together all the electro-mechanical systems such as HVAC, Lighting, Plumbing, STP, etc. installed in commercial buildings along with sensors and controllers, on a centralized system. It integrates off-the-shelf cameras; surveillance systems and access control systems into the same platform and is compliant with most major protocols in the building management domain.

With iBEMS, building owners can save considerable energy, reduce emissions, and lower the cost of maintenance of equipments.

iBEMS reduces the energy consumption and improves the efficiency of the integrated equipment of the buildings.

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Why iBEMS for Buildings?

iBEMS is an intelligent automated solution for Hotels. Below are its key features -

  • Capability of Integrating all possible energy systems
  • Artificial Intelligence for real-time decision making
  • Optimises energy consumption that will reduce cost 
  • Help you lead towards GREEN building certification
  • Excellent after sale service and customer support
  • A complete Building Automation Solution


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IOTomation has successfully completed more than 20 projects pan India and worldwide in just a span of 6 years. We are dedicated to provide quality and reliable services to our customers. Read Case Studies to know more about our work done.

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