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Internet of Things (IoT), energy optimization, smart buildings and smart cities are some of the largest growing markets of the immediate future. Our unique technology solution and innovative Pay-as-You-use (PaYu) pricing model shall help you build a long term, recurring business from your current customer base, and help you to acquire new customers rapidly.

Our unique partner model is focused on ensuring your profitably by not allowing internal competition, and thereby helping you retain your margins. We have marquee clients that may be used as a reference and for customer visits to increase sales conversion. Our training programs are designed to help you succeed in your business both on the technology and business front.

‘Become a IOTomation Partner’ and take the first step towards offering a path-breaking go-to-market Pay-as-You-use (PaYu) model that positions the cloud based IoT Building as an innovative product in a dynamic energy ecosystem. It is low on acquisition cost and high on technology, scalability, quick & easy integration.

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  • Existing platform weak
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  • Differentiated offering
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  • Justifying project ROI
  • Gathering data into a single platform
  • Existing project ongoing
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