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iBEMS : Building and Energy Management Solution for Retail Stores 

iBEMS offers building & energy management solution for retail stores to optimize the energy consumption, environment and collect data to compare the performance of different equipments, different stores and even different floors. It integrates all the electro-mechanical systems such as HVAC, lighting, plumbing, STP, etc. along with sensors and controllers of a retail store on a centralized system. 

With iBEMS, owners can reduce their energy bills and maintenance cost of equipments and at the same time making place more customers friendly.

iBEMS reduces the energy consumption and improves the efficiency of the integrated equipments in a store.

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Why iBEMS for Retail Stores?

  • iBEMS is an intelligent solution customised specially for Retail Stores
  • Compares energy consumed by different stores and by respective equipments
  • Showcases real-time data of all the integrated stores in one screen
  • Generates Alarms for any anomalies in connected equipments
  • Generate customized reports as per the requirement
  • Analysis of performance of integrated equipments at any given point 
  • Advance Filter options to refine/select data
  • Enhance productivity, safety and comfort of the occupants


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IOTomation has successfully completed different projects pan India. We are dedicated to provide quality and reliable services to our customers. Read Case Studies to know more about our work done.

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