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About IOTomation

The proliferation of sensors and networks, infinite computing and artificial intelligence is changing the way we live and work. It is integrating seamlessly into all aspects of our lives to what we now call as the “Internet of Things (IoT)”. It is revolutionizing the way we build, automate and manage our offices, homes, buildings and living spaces.

IOTomation is born in this new age of IoT, where in open protocols, cloud computing, analytics and artificial intelligence have been integrated into the core of our products and services. Our IoT-enabled solutions seamlessly connect, collect, analyze and act on the data in real-time, delivering enhanced safety, efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.

IOTomation is pioneer in designing, developing and manufacturing building automated solution that not only improves homes, buildings, utilities, and offices, but also enables safer, efficient and more productive world. We empower you with customized technology-based solutions that will reduce your operational costs while raising your operational comfort & ease. Also, our intelligent building & energy automation system uses artificial intelligence that will show you ways to make optimal use of resources and reduce the wastage. 

IOTomation team includes technology experts, sustainability gurus, energy engineers, data scientists and master systems integrators that regularly work on the solution and keep it updated as per the latest technologies.

IOTomation is also the first company in India to offer Pay-As-You-Use (PaYu) model in building automation and energy optimization.

Key features of our intelligent building & energy automation system -

  • Monitor the use of facility infrastructure - power, space, equipment, building systems and even security - across geographies from one location, and real-time
  • Raise operational efficiencies with a combination of cutting edge hardware and proprietary software
  • Network, monitor and control individual components or equipment in a large, internet like universe
  • Sharpens your business intelligence in areas that matter, showing you ways to cut down wastage across your enterprise; making optimal use of your resources; and reducing your day-to-day operational expenses

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