PaYu: Pay-as-You-use

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PaYu: Pay-as-You-use

While opting for long term investments like building automation systems, building owners/builders worry about the upfront cost they have to spend not only on the hardware and software, but also the costs to deploy them along with certain application development that goes with it. The company owns and depreciates the investment over time.  Also, as a building owner or an operator you may want to focus more on your core competency related to ownership and management functions, and do not want to be bogged down by issues related to managing technology for building operations and energy optimization. These problems further accentuates by unavailability of trained manpower for legacy systems which may lead to failure of successful implementation of building management systems in the country.

We at IOTomation offer a perfect solution to these problems through our unique subscription plan called “PaYu”, the first in the industry, which answers your concerns regarding investment/finance, technology and manpower management. Under this model, you have to pay only for the services you choose thus reducing risk and securing higher degrees of flexibility. 



Down Payments

Upgrade of Controllers

Upgrade of Software's


PaYu is a seamless offering payable as a quarterly expense for iBEMS. Under PaYu Model -

  • DDCs and software are installed at the premises without any cost
  • Pay quarterly for the service and functionality that you use, and not use your Capex for maintaining a “white elephant”
  • Get a “no-headache” service for your building management and energy optimisation delivered by experts
  • The service delivered experts is supported by an intelligent and analytics based software stack 
  • Our support is delivered both on-site and through a centralised command centre

Get iBEMS with PaYu for “no-headache” services including overall solution configuration and responsibility for the audit and commissioning for the sensors and cables.

Why Upgrade to PaYu

Economical Solution

Converts your Capital Expenditures (CAPEX) into an Operation Expenditures (OPEX)


Charges applicable only for the services and functionalities used

Free Upgrades

Upgradation of Software’s and Controllers at no extra cost

Comprehensive Solution

Supply & Installation of Sensors, Cables, Conduits & other Components by our authorized SI/Partners


Accessibility of Network Operation Centre iCOMMAND

Reports & Analysis

Detailed Energy Consumption Reports generated by the Experts

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