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iBEMS : intelligent Building and Energy Management Solution for Hotels 

iBEMS is an ideal solution for automating hotel buildings and controlling energy consumption. For hotels, iBEMS offers the efficient interaction of lighting, air conditioning, shading and other hotel-specific service functions, thus safeguarding the economically efficient operation of your hotel. 

iBEMS is a scalable and intuitive solution designed for control and management of hotel rooms and common areas in hotel from one centralized centre by which is achieved efficient energy consumption and access control in hotel areas. It also provides monitoring, controlling and analysis of all the integrated equipments and energy consumption by the power systems.

New Age iBEMS will help you improve the efficiency of equipments and reduce the energy consumptions of your hotel; all while delivering exceptional guest satisfaction.

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Why iBEMS for Hotels?

iBEMS is an intelligent automated solution for Hotels. Below are its key features -

  • Improves hotel efficiency and reduces expenses 
  • Scalable and expandable to integrate all building systems
  • Real-time data for faster fault diagnosis
  • Ensures predictive & preventive maintenance
  • Add different hotels in different location
  • Compares the data between different integrated hotels
  • Detailed energy analytics report to optimise the equipment efficiency

With iBEMS, hotels can maximize the uptime and efficiency of integrated equipments while ensuring safety, reliability and efficiency.

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