Visitor Management System

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Visitor management is the recording of visitor data, either manually or through software, for the purpose of knowing who is entering in the facility, who they are visiting and how long they have spent there. IOTomation offers a cloud-based visitor management system that allows users to monitor visitor’s activity across multiple facilities in real time. It is capable to track several locations of multi-tenant buildings, healthcare, law and education buildings. 

Core features of our visitor management system include visitor management, risk assessment, access control integration, compliance adherence and reports.

The visitor management system expedite the check-in processes of pre-registering guests by printing the badges and capturing detailed information through an automated registry process with a simple scan of an ID.

IOTomation’s visitor management system is secure, easy to install and implement with iBEMS.

The software is available with subscription pricing and offers customer support over the phone and online.


Key features of our visitor management system are:

  • Self check-in
  • Records in and out entry of visitors, vendors and vehicles material
  • Instant notifications for visitor authorization
  • Visiting Card scanner with OCR
  • Expedite the registering process
  • Captures the information and prints the badges

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