Okaya Blue Silicon Business Park

Case Study

Okaya Blue Silicon Business Park:
iBEMS (full stack)

Type of Buildings: Commercial Building

Area: 7.50 lacs Sq. Ft

Building: Commercial Building with 4 Towers :-

Tower A- Basement+ Ground Floor+ 6 Floors

Tower B- Basement+ Ground Floor+ 6 Floors

Tower C- Basement+ Ground Floor+ 9 Floors

Tower D- Basement+ Ground Floor+ 9 Floors

Data points: Hard Points - 1317, Soft Points - 1675

Meters Connected: 168 Nos.


Project Overview

Okaya Blue Silicon Business IT Park is an another destination for global firms and among top rated brand outlets due its unique infrastructure and prominent location. Okaya Blue Silicon IT Park is spread in 7.50 lacs with 4 towers.

The building contains both commercial office and retail space. The building contains a significant number of electro-mechanical systems and sub electrical meters which are connected to the IOTomation’s iBEMS (intelligent Building & Energy Management Solution).

Okaya Centre Sector 62 noida is one a signature building in the history of Noida. Okaya center is a signature green building that will enhance the fortune of the companies and their employees. This landmark is having approx 750,000 ready to use office spaces with approx 24,000 sq ft area per floor plate.


The Solution

  • Building Management Systems 
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Prepaid Metering System
  • Access Control System 
  • Parking Management System
  • IP CCTV System
  • Lighting Automation
  • Control and monitoring of parking ventilation and CO gas signalling system 
  • Modbus integration of chillers, power meters, cold meters
  • Monitoring and control of fans, diesel generator, drainage and rainwater pumps


The Result


Occupants Comfort

Better temperature & humidity control
Better identification and Solutions
Good Air Quality

Okaya has experienced around 40% complaint reduction (through ticketing system) from its occupants since the iBEMS has been fully functional

Good Air quality and concert has increased employees productivity


Energy Savings

Better scheduling of Equipments
Eliminates wastage

Scheduling of equipments have reduced 8-10% of total energy consumed

Real time alerts, rule break and monetising every day wastage has resulted in 18-26% of energy savings


Improved Equipment Health

Real Time alerts for timely maintenance
Efficient controls - Less wear & Tear
Preventive & Predictive maintenance

Advant has experienced 25-35% increase in equipment life due to regular preventive maintenance & fault analysis done through real time Data

Manpower efficiency

Less people can operate the buildings
Real time alerts and reports fixes responsibility

The operation and maintenance team size has reduced from 68 to 32, saving almost 44% of total cost The reports and automatic escalation through system helps better productivity and fast response time


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