Smart Parking is one of the most adapted and fast-growing need of a developing smart city. Air terminals, colleges, malls, shopping centres are few places that have started to understand the significant benefits of a smart parking solution. IOT-based smart parking management solution allows the parking operators to efficiently use the parking resources and also gives ease-of-use to the drivers. With efficient parking management solution, driver’s can spot parking spaces faster which reduces the fuel cost, saves time and not to forget reduces the frustration level.  As Parking Management solution help find vacant spaces faster therefore it boosts car park occupation levels and thus the revenue.

Benefits of a Parking Management Solution

1. Enhanced Parking

This enables drivers to quickly find the best spot available which will save time, resource and effort. The parking space would be utilised efficiently. Various factors such as size of vehicle, weight, etc are also considered while allotting the spot.

2. Reduced Congestion

Traffic flow around the parking lot will increase as overcrowding of vehicles will decrease.

3. Reduced Pollution

It goes along with reduced congestion. Smart parking opens the option of quicker parking which decreases the emissions by car standing idle in parking lot looking for space.

4. Enhanced User Experience

Parking management solution will expand and enhance the experience for a user by giving them a unified procedure. Driver's payment, spot identification, space search and time notification all becomes convenient.

5. Driver's Experience

Parking management solution helps driver find a space quickly and easily with zero frustration level. It enables them to have a seamless experience, from locating spot to live notifications to paying, all at once.

6. Improved Safety

Safety and security can be achieved easily by smart parking. Data can be provided to parking lot employees for better management and lookout for violations and suspicious activities.

7. Reduced Operational and Management Costs

More mechanisation and less manual action save money on work cost.

A smart parking management solution is surely a great investment for any building, office, mall, etc. As the global population rises, we will witness more growth and urbanisation which will result into more number of vehicles. Before selecting a parking management solution ensure it meets your requirement, is convenient to install and easy to use.

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