The COVID 19 crisis has added new layers of unpredictability to all business operations. Businesses have started to rethink every aspect of operations, and address possibly permanent shifts in multiple segments. In parallel to that, the persisting situation of the global health crisis is alarming and we all are getting used to the challenges. As a business, your priority was and will always be your stake holders’ safety, be it your employees, regular building occupant, tenants’ customers. 

The priority is to be able to give tenant occupants some peace of mind. In uncertain times like this, to make work environments safe and healthy is extremely important and we believe, this will become the norm even when the outbreak is over. 

The pandemic has also taught everyone a lot of things including the fact that we are resilient and will adapt and succeed despite the odds. The new normal is hard to predict but will include social distancing for a long time to come, along with a lot more measure to protect everyone as much as possible. 

That is why we at IOTomation has brought iotoSafe, an IoT enabled safe building module in the cloud as per the guidelines by ASHRAE, WHO, DIPP. This means it offers the most current sequences to minimize operating expense and viral transmission. While maximizing indoor air quality (IAQ) and energy efficiency. 

iotoSafe is a newly added module that we have included in the BIoT (BuildingIoT) platform to give building owners and facility managers flexibility to turn on measures that are specifically aimed at dilution to reduce the viral load of pathogens withing a building. 

There are several benefits you can avail where iotoSafe will make a significant difference in building operations during pandemic situation. 

1. Minimizes the risk of viral transmission

2. Completely wireless solution for fast and easy install

3. Updated automatically as when guidelines change

4. Saves energy while ensuring health and safety 

5. Ensures that humidity, air quality, ventilation and temperature are always maintained at the levels required to prevent viral transmission

Talk to our experts today to learn more about what you can do to ensure occupants’ health and safety today. Here is our coordinates for you; phone number 9717693721, email address


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